Here, We are Manufacturer, Suppliers and Exporters of Handloom Stuff Like Saree, Stoles, Shawls, Dupatta, Fabric, Scarves, Suit Material, in Various kinds of Materials likes, Linen, Tissue, Muga Silk, Tussar Silk, Spun Silk, Pashmina Silk, Chanderi Silk, Kota Silk, Cotton, Cotton Silk, Polyester, Jute Silk, Modal Silk, Noil Silk, Silk Ghicha and Many More Materials of Stuff, Mades by Various Methods Likes, Handmade as Well as Machines Made like Hand Painted, Hand Print, Hand Embroidery Work, Machine Print, Machine Embroidery Work.  Recently we Halim Handloom and Our Products are Certified by An ISO 9001:2015  A Quality Products Certified company.

Saree::)        Handloom Pure Silk Bhagalpuri Saree
Designer Linen Saree, Handwoven Tissue Saree, Handloom Muga Silk Saree, Pure Handmade Tussar Silk Saree, Spun Silk Saree, Pashmina Silk Saree, Chanderi Silk Saree, Kota Silk Saree, Cotton Handloom Saree, Cotton Silk Saree, Polyester Saree, Jute Silk Saree, Modal Silk Saree, Noil Silk Saree, Silk Ghicha Saree, Digital Printed Saree, Hand Block Print Saree, Hand Batik Print Saree, Hand Madhubani Print Saree, Hand Screen Print Saree.

Scarf::)       Pure Handmade Silk Pashmina Scarf
Designer Linen Scarf, Handwoven Tissue Scarf, Handloom Muga Silk Scarf, Pure Handmade Tussar Silk Scarf, Spun Silk Scarf, Pashmina Silk Scarf, Kota Silk Scarf, Cotton Handloom Scarf, Cotton Silk Scarf, Polyester Scarf, Digital Printed Scarf, Hand Block Print Scarf, Hand Batik Print Scarf, Hand Madhubani Print Scarf, Hand Screen Print Scarf.

Dupattas::)       Ladies Designer Printed Styles Dupattas
Designer Linen Dupatta, Handwoven Tissue Dupatta, Handloom Muga Silk Dupattas, Pure Handmade Tussar Silk Dupatta, Spun Silk Dupatta, Pashmina Silk Dupatta, Kota Silk Dupatta, Cotton Handloom Dupatta, Cotton Silk Dupatta, Polyester Dupatta, Digital Print Dupatta, Hand Block Print Dupatta, Hand Batik Print Dupatta, Hand Madhubani Print Dupatta, Hand Screen Print Dupatta.

Fabric::)       Trendy Plain Printed Silk Linen Fabric
Designer Linen Fabric, Handwoven Tissue Fabric, Handloom Muga Silk Fabric, Pure Handmade Tussar Silk Fabric, Spun Silk Fabric, Pashmina Silk Fabric, Kota Silk Fabric, Cotton Handloom Fabric, Cotton Silk Fabric, Polyester Fabric, Digital Print Fabric, Hand Block Print Fabric, Hand Batik Print Fabric, Hand Madhubani Print Fabric, Hand Screen Print Fabric.

Suit Materials::)       Exclusive Handwoven Ladies Suit Materials

Designer Linen Suit Materials, Handwoven Tissue Suit Materials, Handloom Muga Silk Suit Materials, Pure Handmade Tussar Silk Suit Materials, Spun Silk Suit Materials, Pashmina Silk Suit Materials, Cotton Handloom Suit Materials, Pure Chanderi Suit Materials, Cotton Silk Suit Materials, Polyester Suit Materials, Digital Print Suit Materials, Hand Block Print Suit Materials, Hand Batik Print Suit Materials, Hand Madhubani Print Suit Materials, Hand Screen Print Suit Materials.

We, HALIM HANDLOOM based in Bhagalpur { SILK CITY }  Bihar, India.

We Established Our Business In 2004, We Halim Handloom have made a well-Recognized name as Manufacturer, Suppliers in Wholesale as well as Retail in All Over the World. ​

Since we have incepted in this industry, we are working under the leadership and quality management of our mentor Mr. Mohammad Halim. Moreover, his inspiration and motivation have assisted us in completing all our tasks in a hassle-free manner thus earning a top stature in the market.

Our Exclusive Range of Saree, Dupatta, Scarves, Fabric, and Suit Material. in Various Patterns as Well as Plain. Patterns Like Dobby Work, Embroidery Work, Digital Print Work, Hand Batik Print Work, Hand Block Print Work, Hand Madhubani Print Work, Hand Screen Print Work, Handloom Work, Hand Painted Dye Work and Many More






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Halim Handloom

Jhabban Momin Lane, Hasnabad, Champanagar, Nathnagar, Bhagalpur, Bihar - 812004, India.

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                    Monazir Halim

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Halim Handloom

Jhabban Momin Lane, Hasnabad, Champanagar, Nathnagar, Bhagalpur, Bihar, - 812004, India

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